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Friday, 30 March 2012

Pizza Hut Triple Chicken Sensation Pizza

Pizza Hut Triple Chicken Sensation Pizza

Avatar in 3D.
King Kong in 3D.
Titanic in 3D.
How about pizza in 3D?

Savour delightful slices of chicken loaf on a bed of succulent chicken salami, topped with fluffy chicken floss. Along with tantalising mayo sauce, caramelised onions and toasted sesame, it's a 3D experience for your taste buds!

The new 3D Triple Chicken Pizza. Best Savoured with the Triple Sensation Platter

What's more? Get 50% OFF Family Favourites Pan Pizza when you order a take-out:
  • 1 Regular Triple Chicken Sensation Pizza + 1 Regular Family Favourites Pan Pizza @ RM33 (n/p: RM42.50)
  • 1 Large Triple Chicken SEnsation Pizza + 1 Large Family Favourites Pan Pizza @ RM44.95 (n/p: RM58.40)

Click to view bigger version. [source]

OR, get 30% OFF a'la carte Triple Chicken Sensation exclusively for Maybankard and American Express Cardmembers.

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