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Friday, 10 February 2012

Pizza Hut Half Price All Day Everyday Promotion

Pizza Hut Half Price All Day Everyday Promotion

Promotion Date : Now till notified (limited time only)

Wow Savers 50% Discount from Mondays to Sundays at Pizza Hut Malaysia!

  • Hawaiian Chicken Personal Cheesy Lava Stuffed Crust Pizza @ RM6.00 (n/p: RM12.00) OR
  • 4 pcs of WingStreet Oriental / BBQ @ RM3.95 (n/p: RM7.90)

  • Super Supreme Personal Pan Pizza @ RM5.75 (n/p: RM5.75) OR
  • Cheese-Baked Meatballs @ RM5.25 (n/p: RM10.50)

  • Meatball Bolognaise Beef / Chicken @ RM5.60 (n/p: RM11.20) OR
  • Soup-of-the-day & Garlic Bread @ RM3.25 (n/p: RM6.50)

  • Island Supreme Personal Pan Pizza @ RM5.75 (n/p: RM11.50) OR
  • Tropical Fizz @ RM2.60 (n/p: RM5.20)

  • Prawn Olio @ RM5.60 (n/p: RM11.20) OR
  • Garlic Bread @ RM1.50 (n/p: RM3.00)

  • Cheese-Baked Rice @ RM4.60 (n/p: RM9.20) OR
  • Chocolate Volcano @ RM5.25 (n/p: RM10.50)

  • Double Delight @ RM2.60 (n/p: RM5.20) OR
  • Mango Pudding @ RM1.50 (n/p: RM3.00)

Terms & conditions apply.

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