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Monday, 5 March 2012

McDonald's McValue Dinner from RM5.95 (Daily: Monday - Sunday, 6pm - 9pm)

McDonald's McValue Dinner from RM5.95

Promotion period : Now (Daily from Monday to Sunday, including public holidays)

Promotion Time : 6pm - 9pm

Experience great dinner value with 10 great choices of McDonald's McValue Dinner from RM5.95!

  • McValue Dinner McChicken meal @ RM5.95 (n/p: RM9.35)
  • McValue Dinner Double Cheeseburger meal @ RM6.95 (n/p: RM9.85)
  • McValue Dinner Chicken McNuggets meal (6 pcs) @ RM6.95 (n/p: RM9.50)
  • McValue Dinner Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal @ RM8.95 (n/p: RM10.50)
  • McValue Dinner Filet-O-Fish meal @ RM6.95 (n/p: RM9.30)
  • McValue Dinner Big N' Tasty meal @ RM8.95 (n/p: RM11.15)
  • McValue Dinner Spicy Chicken McDeluxe meal @ RM8.95 (n/p: RM10.85)
  • McValue Dinner Ayam Goreng McD meal Regular (2 pcs) @ RM8.95 (n/p: RM10.65)
  • McValue Dinner Big Mac meal @ RM8.95 (n/p: RM10.30)
  • McValue Dinner Ayam Goreng McD meal Spicy (2 pcs) @ RM8.95 (n/p: RM10.65)

All McValue Dinner meal comes with French Fries and Carbonated Soft Drink

Valid for Dine-In, Take-away & Drive-Thru

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