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Friday, 21 December 2012

Cheap & Pretty Korean-design Earrings Promotions from RM9

Cheap & Pretty Korean Earrings Promotions

Location: HappySTORE

Korean-design Earrings Promotions from RM9!

Korean HEAT is here NOW!

If Gangnam Style, BIGBANG and Samsung GALAXY excites you, don't stop!

Continue the heat with having CUTE, PRETTY, ELEGANT Korean-design earrings to suite your Korean fashion! Prices start from RM9!

Design patterns includes: 
  • Korean-design bear bear earrings, 
  • Korean-design 3D earrings, 
  • Korean-design diamond-filled earrings, 
  • Korean-design diamond & pearl earrings and many more!

Simple & clean design diamond & pearl ribbon in orange ring stud earrings (Korean-design) @ RM12


HappySTORE ( is setup to bring FUN.

At Happy Store, our greatest joy comes from sourcing and deliver goods that make our buyers happy. We are based in Malaysia, so Malaysian ~ be confident to buy from us!

Most of the time we are out everywhere searching high and low for good stuffs - trendy fashion accessories, toys & collectibles. We offers cute pretty Korean-design earrings, fashionable belts, kawaii baby stuffs, gifts set, toys and collectibles!

Last but not least... our motto:  Don't worry, buy HAPPY!

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